Pallet rollenbaan

How our pallet roller conveyors work

The rollers of the pallet roller conveyor are driven by a motor that is installed under the rollers. The motor ensures that the rolls can transport products at 0.2 meters per second. ARCO can also offer an pallet roller conveyor that makes curves of 90 degrees.  The rotary roller conveyors are available in painted steel and stainless steel.

Use of our pallet roller conveyors

Our pallet handling solutions are suitable for for various pallet models, such as: Euro-pallets, block pallets, plastic half pallets, and wooden half pallets, among others. This means that pallet roller conveyors from ARCO can be used within any industry that works with pallets. For each line, ARCO looks together with the customer for the best solution. Based on this, the pallet roller conveyor will be custom made for the customer. The pallet roller conveyors can carry pallets up to 2200 kg.

Pallet rollenbaan

Advantages of our pallet roller conveyors

The ARCO pallet roller conveyor offers several advantages:   

  • Can be integrated into existing production processes;
  • The maintenance costs are low;
  • The roller conveyor is suitable for a high displacement capacity;
  • The energy consumption from the system is very low.


Other possibilities

In addition to roller conveyors, ARCO has many other installations for pallet handling. For the transport of pallets, also look at our chain conveyors, pallet lifts and traverse conveyors. For other processes of pallets, we offer, pallet correction systems, pallet stackers and de-stackers, pallet defect control and lift tables.

Add-ons to our hardware solutions

As a system integrator, we always want to stay one step ahead of the competition. With products that not only provide better performance, but are also stable, safe and sustainable. This requires optimal maintenance of our installations, easy options for making upgrades and the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently to changing market requirements. To achieve this, more is needed than good service. View the supplement to our hardware services below.

What our customers have to say

“We saw a lot of commitment and determination. We had to and would get the first package across the track on the day of the deadline and we did. ARCO didn’t go home until things were running smoothly. Really nice that they had the same drive as us, it was a very pleasant collaboration.”

Saint Gobain Saint Gobain

‘’ We are very satisfied with ARCO’s automated solution and how it fits perfectly in our picking line. ARCO worked together with us on the solution from start to finish. We had a good cooperation in which customer focus was key. During implementation, the technicians worked neatly and without any inconvenience. We will certainly come back to ARCO for more solutions.’’

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herbalife nutrition

‘When you both believe in solutions, great results come naturally.’

Laura Metaal Laura Metaal
Referentie Recycling ARCO

‘ARCO has simplified our production process. Thanks to the comprehensive package of services and the customized solutions, ARCO is the ideal supplier for us.’

Banken champignons Banken champignons
Logo Banken Champignons

‘Looking back on this project, we have to say that the cooperation with ARCO was very smooth. We joined forces and implemented the best solution for our production line. Where we previously used many manual and labour-intensive processes, we now have a fully automated system that enables us to work very efficiently.’

CEVA Logistics CEVA Logistics
Logo CEVA Logistics

‘We greatly appreciated ARCO’s ability to respond quickly. But not only that, they demonstrated exceptional creativity when devising the solution and the various test set-ups that they developed to test the design. The close cooperation between ARCO and ourselves facilitated the successful implementation of this particular packaging line.’

DHL logo.

We know ARCO as a no-nonsense company that believes in workable and affordable solutions. This is what sets ARCO apart from other companies. They also have all the necessary knowledge in-house to create a strong and efficient line. We don’t know what the future holds, but we will certainly be happy to work together again.’

Scherpenhuizen Scherpenhuizen
Logo Scherpenhuizen

‘ARCO’s weighing line has had a major impact on our production. Our new system cuts product losses by up to 6%. It was a successful project and a rewarding collaboration.’

Greenwood Canada Greenwood Canada
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