ISO 9001 certificering

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ISO 9001
All ARCO departments work according to the ISO 9001 quality standard. As part of this ISO standard, the organization complies with all ISO 9001 requirements and procedures, guaranteeing a logical approach to the control of quality management. This includes areas such as: sales, purchasing, production, personnel management, and administration.

ISO 14001
ARCO obtained its ISO 14001 certification in 2019. As a result, environmental aspects have become an integral part of ARCO’s business operations. This ISO standard focuses on the management and improvement of an organization’s environmental efforts and activities throughout its entire organization. The ultimate goal is to achieve continuous improvement in the areas of the environment and sustainable business practices. This seamlessly blends in with another aspect that is a top priority at ARCO: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). For more information on this topic, see below.

ISO 14001 certificaat


All ARCO employees work according to high safety standards; they are instructed to work safely according to the principles of the VCA certificate. The VCA certificate is proof that ARCO is able to carry out risky operational activities in a safe and healthy way. The VCA checklist plays a key role in this; it provides concrete guidance for achieving a good level of safety and contributes to continuous safety improvement. All ARCO technicians are VCA certified and can identify themselves at all times by showing their VCA pass.

ARCO has been awarded the GRAYDON certificate for being a financially reliable company. This helps customers to make better business decisions based on valuable economic, financial, and commercial insights.

VCA 2008/5.1 certificering

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to the various quality standards, ARCO also works according to the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility. This means that we create value by achieving a good balance between economic (Profit), ecological (Planet), and social (People) factors. CSR is embedded in all of our business processes. One of the aspects we are currently focusing on is waste reduction. By designing the installations as efficiently and effectively as possible, our installations can easily be implemented in existing production lines. This means that those production lines do not need to be dismantled – which, in turn, reduces waste and therefore the environmental footprint. In addition to efficiency and effectiveness, we also ensure that our installations consume as little energy as possible (Planet).

We also buy and sell used and second-hand installations. Here at ARCO, we do not see used installations as waste: reusing installations keeps costs down for the customer and reduces the use of materials (Profit).

Finally, ARCO also sponsors (People) various local initiatives that stimulate youth, sports, health, and well-being.

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