Premier for ARCO

ARCO and Luxidum proudly present the world’s first LED vitamin D-Booster with a patented LED2D technology. The LED vitamin D-Booster was developed and produced for an innovative and pioneering mushroom producer in Ireland. After two years of intensive research and development, ARCO and Luxidum have taken a giant leap forward in optimizing the stimulation of processes that create vitamin D in mushrooms.

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Vitamine D Booster ARCO

Fruitful cooperation

Mushrooms naturally contain ergosterol, which is converted into vitamin D when exposed to UV light from the sun. Most mushrooms are grown indoors, where UV levels are very low. The potential of an extra-healthy mushroom therefore remains unexploited. The LED2D vitamin D-Booster activates a natural process that produces vitamin D. The mushrooms – regardless of whether they are big or small, white or brown – are exposed to two high-quality UV LEDs, which have different wavelengths and are connected in series, resulting in a two-stage vitamin D synthesis process.

Vitamine led 2D ARCO

Health effects

Besides producing extra-healthy mushrooms, the addition of vitamin D also has certain health benefits for humans, namely:

  • Strengthens the body’s natural defences;
  • Improves muscle strength;
  • Important for healthy bones and bone strength;
  • Important for good mineralization of the teeth;
  • Regulates the immune system.

The LED vitamin D-Booster can be connected to the ARCO mushroom weighing and packaging line. Vitamin D can be generated not only in the fresh mushrooms, but also after processing – for example, after the mushrooms have been processed into mushroom powder.

Dr. Paul Urbain – CEO of Luxidum GmbH “The Vitamin D-Mushroom Company” – explains: “We are very happy that we can grant ARCO the exclusive distribution for our LED-Vitamin D-Booster with the patented LED2D © technology. The cooperation opens up new markets for Luxidum worldwide and we benefit from ARCO’s many years of experience in the area of ​​production lines for the mushroom industry. In turn, this cooperation gives ARCO a portfolio of machines for mushroom processors and producers that is unique in the world.