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ARCO releases first 2016 inline weighing solution

Dinsdag 09 februari 2016

In the beginning of February at the Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin, ARCO released the first proto type of the ARCO mini weighing machine. Today, many customers all over the world experience the delight of in line weighing with the speed of a Ferrari. 

60 units per minute, by a single operator!

This brand new machine is developed for processing any desired recipe, between 50 and 1000 grams. Currently, the most common applications are 250 and 500 grams. Based on these applications, the Mini Control Weighing Machine delivers up to 60 trays per minute, controlled by only one operator. The Mini Weighing Machine is subdivided into two tracks. Each track is equipped with five independent weighing belts. Underweight, correct weight and excessive weight trays appear in random order on the weighing belts. Trays with correct weight are automatically transported to the next step in the packing process. Overweight trays will be corrected manually by an operator.

LED Indicator

By means of a LED indicator, every individual weighing belt gives the operator information on how many under- or overweight remains in a unit. The operator can see at a glance whether there is a large or a small product to be taken from a unit, or just needs to be added in order to achieve the desired weight. Operating the Mini Control Weighing Machine stabilizes weight per tray and minimizes give away.


• Capacity up to 60 packages p / min
• Only one operator
• Any desired recipe between 50 and 1000 gram available
• Less human error
• Less give away
• Faster throughput, thus fresher packed
• Less floor space required
• Lower investment costs


The scope of application for the Mini Control Weighing Machine equipment is incredibly large. The machine performs outstandingly in the mushroom industry. Moreover, the weighing machine is ideal for processing soft fruits like grapes, strawberries, and blueberries. Get informed by ARCO in what application the Mini Control Weighing Machine realizes an increased capacity for you.