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Vertical conveyors / lifts

A variety of solutions can be utilized for the vertical transportation of boxes, crates, or pallets (for example betweem the ground floor and the mazzanine). The simplest solution is an incline or decline conveyor belt. This solution requires a large amount of floor space. Instead of conveyor belts, spiral conveyors and lifts are good alternatives.

Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors are mostly used for the vertical transport of boxes or crates, both upwards and downwards. A spiral conveyor is used when the gradient is too steep for a conveyor belt and when a lift would not be able to handle the required capacity. Spiral conveyors are equipped with rollers on the inside, and the roller conveyor can be either self-driven or operate using the force of gravity. Spiral conveyors are safe and offer a large capacity.


Lifts (also known as elevators) are used for the vertical transportation of boxes, crates, and palets. A lift is used when there is insufficient space for a spiral conveyor or a decline/incline conveyor belt. In addition, lifts can be programmes to transport boxes between more than two different levels.

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