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Large mail-order companies sort and ship millions of packages daily. ARCO builds complete material handling installations that fully automatically sort packages, boxes, envelopes, crates, and bags on sorting lines with many hundreds of discharge points.

Speed is an important criterion for many mail-order companies. With ARCO systems, all incoming packages are sorted in no time and the courier can quickly be on their way. Depending on the required capacity, packages can be routed to more than 180 destinations. Speeds are reached of up to 1.6 metres per second. Packages, cases, and envelopes on the conveyor belt are diverted to an output at the right time without damage to delicate envelopes caused by cases or boxes. ARCO sorting systems sort more than 8,500 pieces per hour, depending on the required capacity and number of conveyor belts. Such sorting solutions are designed entirely to meet the customer's needs. A project team ensures that the best possible solution is developed based on the customer's wishes, the product characteristics, and the required capacity.

ARCO offers the option of establishing a service level agreement (SLA) through which the customer is completely relieved of responsibility for maintenance of the installation. A maintenance plan and semi-annual inspection by a specialist technician ensure that deficiencies and wear are detected at an early stage. ARCO guarantees an up-time of 96% of the operational hours and is available for troubleshooting and repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a problem cannot be corrected remotely, a technician will be sent to resolve the problem on-site.

Various sorting solutions

Choosing the right sorting solution is an extremely important decision. The choice depends on various criteria, such as the required speed, product characteristics, and the available space. Possible solutions include the use of a crossbelt sorter, push sorter, string sorter, and/or pop-up sorter. The specialists at ARCO will be happy to advise you which sorting solution best fits your particular situation. The various sorting solutions and corresponding capacities are listed below.

In addition, for all these sorting solutions, ARCO offers barcode/QR code scanning, print & apply, weighing solutions, volume scanning, and box closers. Ask the ARCO specialists to advise you.

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