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Sorting solutions

Products arriving at your distribution center should be procesed completely automated and in an efficient an effective manner. The choice for the right sorter is an extremly important decision. The choice depents on various criteria, such as the required speed and product characteristics. ARCO develops, engineers, manufactures and implements the right sorter for every application.


ARCO's tailor-made sorting solutions are designed entirely to meet the customer's needs. A project team ensures that the best possible solution is developed based on the customer's wishes, the product characteristics, and the required capacity.

Crossbelt sorter

The crossbelt sorter is a fully automated sorting system for cartons, envelops, boxes and bags. Packages are sorted over hundreds of different out-puts. An average machine sorts up to 12.000 packages per hour. A crossbelt sorter works excellent for overnight distribution. Faultless sorting at high speed is possible on several variables such as postcode, package size or weight. The sophisticated system ensures that damages do not occur.

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Push sorter

A push sorter is often used for sorting small quantities around 1.600 packages per hour. By use of a robot arm, the machine pushes or pulls a product from the line. This is an easy way of sorting products after weight or metal detection. In many cases, push sorters are used on roller conveyors but they can also be used in other applications. Low investment costs and applicablity on multiple machines are two of the biggest advantages.

String sorter

The string sorter solution is only applied on roller conveyors. An average string sorter has a capacity of 3.500 packages per hour. The string sorter makes it possible to transport products from one to another roller conveyor. Strings are located just beneath the conveying surface. When a product needs to be transported to the other track, intelligent software command the strings to move up as the product passes by. The product moves over the strings to the other track.

Pop-up high speed sorter

Pop-up sorters can be divided into two types namely, (1) roller pop-up sorters (mounted in between roller conveyors) and (2) belt pop-up sorters (mounted in between conveyor belts). The belt pop-up sorter is often called 'zipsorter'. Both sorters have an outbound range of 15º until 90º, either left, right or straight on. By use of intelligent software, the machine knows exactly at what time and in wich direction the package should be transported. The pop-up high sorter has a capacity of  3.000 packages per hour. The belt zipsorter has a capacity of 5.000 packages per hour.

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