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Order picking

Products that arrive at your distribution centre must be transported and handled efficiently and effectively, so your processes must be both fast and flexible. This demands a fully automated system with smart software that communicates with your existing warehouse management system. The pick-to-light system is an example of an intelligent automation solution for achieving efficient, fault-free order picking.

ARCO engineers design and construct such smart systems for packing, unpacking, repacking, and labelling your products, folding boxes, integration and separation of waste streams, check weighing, and folding boxes. Sorting is also an important aspect. ARCO builds sorting solutions for any desired speed. We offer everything from pushers and transfer units for low speed, to pop-up sorters and our string sorter for medium speed, and shoe sorters, tray sorters, and crossbelt sorters for high speed. The specialists at ARCO are proficient at designing and building complete warehouse systems, including intelligent software.

Various specialities are employed to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of order picking processes. ARCO is specialized in:

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