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Material Handling

Processes in distribution centres are fully automated, from receiving to shipping. Operations such as loading, unloading, distribution, storage, control, and waste processing are performed fully automatically. ARCO develops, installs, and maintains all the necessary equipment for material handling.

A properly functioning material handling process improves customer service, reduces the risk of errors, and works efficiently and effectively. In addition, it is possible to shorten lead times, shrink inventories, and reduce costs for transport and distribution.

Many orders are still picked and packed manually. Boxes are still folded, taped, and labelled for shipping by hand. Due to rising demand, many e-commerce companies are running up against capacity and quality problems. Engineers at ARCO develop a suitable solution to meet the customer’s requirements, with complete automation of material handling.

The automatic application of a barcode and/or shipping label to products makes it possible to register and track products and distribute and store them completely automatically. Because less manpower is required for tasks such as folding, taping, and labelling, installations can be run with significantly fewer FTEs. It is also possible to increase the capacity, and the risk of error is practically non-existent because the human actions have been simplified.

ARCO engineers take the entire optimization project off your hands. We guarantee an efficient, effective, and cost-saving solution. Elements found in these total solutions include:

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