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Barcode, QR, and photo scanning

Through barcode, QR and photo scanning, it is possible to track products, boxes, crates and pallets throughout the company. In many cases, the scanning equipment is linked to a track & trace system and automatic print & apply systems.

The automatic application of a barcode and/or shipping label to products makes it possible to register and track products and to distribute and store them entirely automatically. Because less manpower is requires for tasks such as folding, taping, and labeling, installations can be run with significantly fewer FTEs. ARCO provides systems with high-end scanning equipment for optimized performance.

In addition, barcodes and QR codes make it possible to measure productivity and it gives management important information about the supply chain chain. In many cases, a connection is made between the scanning equipment and the WMS / WCS system. ARCO offers systems with high-end scanning equipment for optimum performance.

Albert Vermeulen

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