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ARCO Solutions for Supply Chain & Internal Logistics

ARCO is system integrator and develops innovative, high-quality machines and installations. We are specialists in turnkey projects, and the entire installation is tailor made for the customer.


Material Handling

Processes in distribution centres are fully automated, from receiving to shipping. Operations such as loading, unloading, distribution, storage, control, and waste processing are performed fully automatically. ARCO develops, installs, and maintains all the necessary equipment for material handling.

Warehouse automation

In many cases, large stocks are stored centrally in distribution centres. Delivery times can be reduced by automating the entire warehousing process. Moreover, an automated installation is cost-effective and accurate.


Large mail-order companies sort and ship millions of packages daily. ARCO builds complete material handling installations that fully automatically sort packages, boxes, envelopes, crates, and bags on sorting lines with many hundreds of discharge points.

Order picking

Products that arrive at your distribution centre must be transported and handled efficiently and effectively, so your processes must be both fast and flexible. This demands a fully automated system with smart software that communicates with your existing warehouse management system. The pick-to-light system is an example of an intelligent automation solution for achieving efficient, fault-free order picking.


Business process automation is a combination of reliable mechanical installations and intelligent software. For smooth, trouble-free processing operations it is essential that these two elements work well together. ARCO has mechanical engineers and software engineers specialized in the perfect integration of mechanical and software systems to make the most of each installation.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are very suitable for internal transportation of for example boxes. There are many different conveyor belts, all with different characteristics such as rubber conveyor belts and PVC conveyors. In addition, roller conveyors are particularly suitable for intra logistics. 

Vertical conveyors / lifts

A variety of solutions can be utilized for the vertical transportation of boxes, crates, or pallets (for example betweem the ground floor and the mazzanine). The simplest solution is an incline or decline conveyor belt. This solution requires a large amount of floor space. Instead of conveyor belts, spiral conveyors and lifts are good alternatives.

Barcode, QR, and photo scanning

Through barcode, QR and photo scanning, it is possible to track products, boxes, crates and pallets throughout the company. In many cases, the scanning equipment is linked to a track & trace system and automatic print & apply systems.

Bay watch towers - supervision tower

A so-called supervision tower is a workplace at your height for complete supervision in your business area. The workplace at height gives you an overview on the entire business area.

Print & apply units

To track orders through your warehouse, every box, envelop, or bag requires a unique code or label. Applying labels on boxes is a fully automated process. ARCO delivers hardware and software for coding, labelling, and scanning.


Order picking is a critical success factor in warehouse automation. The pick-to-light system is an example of an intelligent automated solution for achieving flawless and efficient order picking.

Sorting solutions

Products arriving at your distribution center should be procesed completely automated and in an efficient an effective manner. The choice for the right sorter is an extremly important decision. The choice depents on various criteria, such as the required speed and product characteristics. ARCO develops, engineers, manufactures and implements the right sorter for every application.


ARCO provides fully automated palletizing solutions. The palletiser collects boxes and crates on pallets, fully automatedin and in a user-entered pattern. The palletizing systems are suitable for Europallets, Blockpallets and Dusseldorfers in both, plastic and wooden versions. .


ARCO specialized in pallet handling and the relocation of pallets, crates and semi-finished products. We have various solutions for the horizontal moving of pallets. In order to move pallets completely automated, pallet lifts are used. For example, pallet lifts can be installed in pallet lanes and behind palletizing machines.


Put-to-light, also called 'sort to light', is the perfect method for distribution companies that distribute products across different customer or order locations. Put to Light works with light technology, a proven productive way in which paper is no longer needed. It prevents Order Pickers from making mistakes.

Service Level Agreement

ARCO offers the option of establishing a Service Level Agreement (SLA), fully relieving the client of responsibility for maintenance of the installation. ARCO guarantees an up-time of 96% of the operational hours and is available for troubleshooting and repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Automated transport for us essentially. ARCO provides us the complete package, from transport to sorting and order picking.