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Fast and efficient packaging of products with zero give-away weight?

Monday 15 June 2020

Pre-packaged fruit, vegetables, and meat have become an essential part of the Agri and Food chain. Producers who market their products in packages with a minimum weight face a challenge: ‘How do I pack my products quickly and efficiently, while keeping give-away weight to a minimum?’ Specifically for these companies, ARCO developed a new weighing line with a smart Light to Perform function for quick, cost-effective packaging of products.

In the last decade, ARCO has established itself internationally as the most innovative supplier of smart weighing systems. ARCO has some standard weighing lines in the range with different capacities and properties. The weighing systems are ideal for products that are harvested directly into the packaging, such as mushrooms, soft fruit, snack vegetables, tomatoes or for products that are measured out into the packaging and vary in weight, such as meats, cubes and fish

PM2016 – Small weighing line

The PM2016 is a weighing line with 2 tracks next to each other. In contrast to the large weighing line (PM2020), the products are offered here without pre-weighing. All baskets are transported in a linear movement over various intrigued weigh modules. Then an LED system simply indicates which basket have the correct weight, which baskets are underfilled and which baskets are overfilled. If the basket is overweight, the operator in question can respond quickly and manually remove the products from the overfilled baskets and place them in the underfilled baskets to match the required minimum weight as closely as possible. Packages are then checked again by a checkweigher, metal detector, or visual check. Any filled packaging that falls outside the norm is automatically removed from the process.

The PM2016 is operated by 1 operator and comes standard with the choice of the operator will stand on the left or right side of the line. If desired, the standard machine can also be operated by 2 operators on both sides of the machine. The capacity of the PM2016 can reach up to 60 baskets/minute, provided that at least 50% good weight is supplied.

Impression Small weighing line PM2016 

PM2020 – Large weighing line

The PM2020 works much the same as the PM2016. The two difference between them is that the large weighing line (PM2020) has 3 tracks next to each other instead of 2 tracks and the line has an pre-weigh point. The major advantage of this pre-weighing  has already took place before the baskets are presented to the other weighing point in the line. With this pre-weighing it is quickly determined which baskets are correctly weighted, which baskets are underfilled and which baskets are overfilled. After the pre-weighing, a distribution module ensures the correct distribution of the pre-weighed baskets over the 3 tracks. This means that all baskets with correct weight no longer go over the weighing machine and only go through the 3rd reserved track for correct weight. This creates extra capacity for the other two tracks. The capacity of the PM2020 can go up to 100 boxes/minute provided that at least 50% of the baskets already supplied with good weight. This capacity can be achieved with only 3 operators on the line. Moreover, the giveaway can be kept to a minimum (1%) by the intelligent AGR software system.

Impression Large weighing line PM2020 

Triple deck system

The ARCO Triple deck system has been specially developed for products that are harvested in large basket and which are then made into small packages.

The full baskets are supplied centrally to the operators standing at the scales. The number of weighing tables can be adjusted depending on the desired capacity. The operator is supplied with the full baskets and takes it of the supply line to put it in front of him. The empty space on the supply line will be automatically replenished. The bottom level of the ARCO Triple deck system consists of 4 conveyor belts, each individually driven. The weighed baskets are placed manually on the exterior belts by the operator, which are then imported in one line.

When a foil or label change takes place, the operators can continue to weigh an place the baskets on the middle lanes. In this way, the effectiveness of the operators increases considerably.

The empty baskets are then placed back on the top level by the operator and they are returned to the central set-up location, so that the same operator can also remove the empty baskets.

The scales on the tables can also be equipped with special software that minimize the giveaway. This software is also equipped with a management data system in which operator performance, all weighing results etc. are made transparent and registered.

Impression Triple deck systeem

Important advantages of the ARCO weighing solutions

  • Significant reduction in required personnel;
  • Higher capacity;
  • Reduce giveaway to a minimum;

In short: ARCO always has a suitable logistics solution for you. This can only be a weighing line, but also a fully automated logistics park. Do you have questions or are you curious about another solution specifically aimed at your problem? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.