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Conveyor system for cardboard

Wednesday 27 July 2016

In a distribution center for e-commerce products, ARCO built a conveyor system for paper and cardboard. The system ensures that scraps of paper and cardboard are removed efficiently and safe. With this system it is possible for operators to dispose the waste with fewer operations, so that cost reduction occurs.

Completely automated

During the packing process, waste of packaging materials arises. To carry the useless packaging materials such as boxes and paper efficiently, ARCO has developed an automated conveyor. Operators put scraps of packaging materials on the conveyor, which fully automatically discharges the scraps to a paper container outside the building. The paper is ready to be recycled. Operations such as folding and tearing is no longer necessary. The system works efficiently and cost reductive.

Vigilance function

Unique to the system is the vigilance function. In the conveyor, a weighing system is integrated. Once overweight is observed, the whole system shuts off immediately. Accidents can be prevented.  In case an operator feels unwell and falls on the conveyor belt, it switches off before the operator can be injured by the machine. The system is efficient, accurate and extremely safe.

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