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Arco completes first phase of a great project

Wednesday 10 June 2020

ARCO recently completed the first phase of a comprehensive project for a large logistics service provider that organizes the international supply chain of medical machines and parts. Currently, the installation phase of this complete, intelligent, turnkey Warehouse Automation System in the distribution center is in progress. The solution exists of an effective and efficient system where picking, packing, consolidation and sorting are key elements.

The mechanization exists of 2 different phases, namely:

Phase 1 – Empty boxes

To start, relevant orders are released via the Warehouse Management System and this results in the first step of the system, namely: the (empty) box size. An on demand machine produces boxes at the exact correct size. Thereafter, the box will be provided with a unique barcode (QR), which is linked to the relevant order. Through the unique barcode, the ARCO Warehouse Management System knows exactly where and in which zone (in which case the mezzanine floor) the empty boxes should be transported. Finally, the empty boxes are released in batches of up to 12 boxes and after they have arrived on the correct floor, they are placed in a Pick-trolley. Hereinafter the Picking-process can take place via a Pick logic.

Impression Warehouse Automation System

Phase 2 – Full boxes

When the operator has picked a trolley, the operator places the full boxes manually back on one of the floors (1,2 or 3). Operators walk on each floor, each with their own Pick-trolley. All boxes pass a weighing station where the expected weight is checked with a actual weight. Is this correct? Then the box may go on, otherwise it will go to a reject track. Some boxes have a VAS (Value Added Service) indicator and receive a separate treatment.

The boxes then go to the packing tables where documents or other supplies will be added. Then the boxes go through 2 random automatic box closers. After the automatic box closers, documents are pasted in a pouch on the box by means of am automatic document feeder. Some boxes then go into consolidation or they go straight where the shipping label is pasted on the box and then sorted for the correct chute.

ARCO’s intelligent Warehouse Management System knows from the start that (1) a barcode must be linked to a specific order, (2) which route the boxes/packages must take and (3) which documents and shipping labels must be added.

Benefits Warehouse Automation System

  • Capacity: up to 2500 packages/boxes per hour;
  • Transport: modular;
  • Sort: 8 chute (easy to expand to more);
  • WCS: only communication at the start and end of the process;
  • WCS: full material control;
  • WCS: label and documents management/handling;
  • SLA: ARCO provides a complete Service Level Agreement 24/7.

Impression Warehouse Automation System

Looking for a suitable solution for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to discuss the latest developments in the market of Warehouse Automation.