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Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts made of rubber provide excellent performance under extreme conditions. Rubber conveyor belts are mainly used on robust installations in industrial settings. The belts are available in many different sizes and profiles, with and without cleats. A large range of profiled conveyor belts is also available.

Rubber conveyor belts

ARCO has its own production department where rubber conveyor belts are made to customer specifications. Rubber conveyor belts can be fitted with a guide strip, cleats, and sidewalls. The ends of the belts can be joined either in the workshop or on location, by means of vulcanization or mechanical connectors. With a large stock of rubber conveyor belts, in-house production machines, and 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week service ARCO is able to perform repairs quickly. For the customer this means less downtime and reduced in-house inventory.


Sidewalls offer a solution when there is a lack of capacity and/or limited space. When used in combination with stable-width belts and cleats, these sidewalls can increase capacity and save space. The addition of sidewalls significantly increases the maximum transport incline. Using sidelocks, sidewalls can be screwed to the various cleats to further increase the stability and capacity of the conveyor belt.

Skirt board/spill edges

Our skirt boards and spill edges make conveyors more efficient. Spillage is limited and, as a result, installations do not become clogged and damaged. Mounting skirt boards and spill edges prevents unnecessary wear and standstill of conveyor belt installations.

Guide strips

When rubber conveyor belts are subjected to uneven stress or loading, they can be fitted with guide strips. These guide strips ensure stable, straight belt guidance and movement of products. Various types of guide strips can be used, such as V-belt guides (trapezoidal shaped). Cold vulcanization is normally used for assembly, but ACB also has all the necessary equipment to perform hot vulcanization when required. Hot vulcanization is mainly recommended for conveyor belts that will be subjected to extreme conditions.


Cleats are fitted to the conveyor belt to prevent products from sliding off the belt when the conveyor must bridge differences in height. Cleats made of rubber are vulcanized to the belt. Rubber cleats are available in straight versions as well as versions angled at approximately 60° and 80°.

Paul Albers

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