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In most cases robotization is used to make production processes more effective and faster. ARCO is specialized in the application of robots within various production processes.

Using robots can help with various improvements in production processes such as:

  • Increasing capacity;
  • Increasing the quality of the end product (fewer errors);
  • Reducing workload;
  • Lowering production costs.

Robots are widely used in the Industry, Recycling & Bulk, Supply Chain & Internal Logistics and Agri & Food industry in a variety of applications.

Application of the robot(s)

ARCO’s leading highspeed industrial robots include, ultra-maneuverable seven axis and unique duel arm (15-axis) robots with a high capacity. With the advanced controllers, vision systems, peripherals and other components, ARCO can configure a (total) solution for you that is balanced to your production needs.

A robot solution within an internal production process is often deployed as a:

  • In Line (In a production process or machine);
  • Between Line (between a production process or machine);
  • End off Line (At the end of the production process or machine);
  • Total solution.

The robots are suitable for performing various activities within your production process, namely for: packaging and palletizing your products, dosing your products, moving your products, packing your products and stacking bags and boxes.


Robotization makes work more interesting and challenging for employees. Robots help deploy employees more productively by automating tasks that require energy and strength. In this way, employees can focus more on activities that actually generate energy. So more productivity and higher capacity. The use of robots has many other advantages, namely:

  • Less monotonous work and less repetitive work;
  • Increase in capacity;
  • No more heavy stress for your employees, so less sick employees;
  • Automation means fewer errors, so error margins go down;
  • Robots create continuity in your production process;
  • Faster production and less time wasted;
  • Reducing costs.

A robot cannot take over all human tasks. Think of secondary conditions that must be taken care of in order for a robot to function properly. Personnel need to organize and steer more to ensure that processes run smoothly. The robot is just an friend in this.

Investment costs

The investment costs of a robot depends on the degree of difficulty of the process to be performed. The purchase of a robot involves an investment, but in addition, the tool and programming decide the total price. ARCO has in-house robot specialists who are familiar with the programming of the robot(s). In collaboration with our electrical and software engineers, ARCO makes custom work that seamlessly connects to your production process.


Each model is compatible with one or more robot control models. Robots can also be implemented separately.

For more information and/or possibilities about robotization, we advise you to have a conversation with one of our specialists. Our specialists will work with you to analyze your current production process and discuss the possibilities and impossibilities with regard to robotization within your organization or department.

Paul Albers

Want more information? Please contact Paul Albers on +31 (0)88-006 5300 or by mail at paul@arco-solutions.nl.

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