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ARCO specializes in handling complete projects. This includes full oversight and coordination. If desired, projects can be delivered turnkey ready. ARCO employees not only have extensive experience in bulk handling and pallet handling but also in ship loading and discharge.

Ship loading and discharge

The specialists at ARCO have built a transport system for loading seagoing vessels for a world player in the iron ore industry. In cooperation with the customer a conveyor system was developed with two filling lines. The most unique aspect of the entire installation is that it was installed on floating pontoons. The biggest advantage of this is that a floating loading dock can be easily moved to a new location after use. The platform length is +/-120 metres, and the installation has a total discharge capacity of 4000 tonnes per hour. The conveyor belts that come from shore have a self-supporting span of 30 metres and are constructed so they can move independently of each other.

ARCO employees also built a ship discharge installation with which the customer can unload goods from ships using a crane. The crane is used to scoop the product into a hopper, and from there the product is taken ashore by a conveyor belt installation. Unique to this project is the self-supporting conveyor that can be swung aside and placed flat on the pontoon during transport.

Rubber recycling

ARCO employees have redesigned the production location for various customers that are active in the recycling and sorting of rubber and production of semi-finished rubber. The complete process installation was developed and implemented by ARCO employees.

Within the recycling sector ARCO builds machinery and installations made of sturdy, low-maintenance materials. In addition to a robust construction, for example, a two- or three-layer conveyor may be installed. Conveyors for transporting the various granulate fractions to the desired location are durable and require little maintenance.

ARCO is adept at integrating intelligent weighing systems, linked via a junction box to the weighing computer, in which the desired data are directly registered. ARCO also installs systems with a filler funnel for filling big bags or depositing bulk material in storage bins. By integrating a head roller magnet, ferrous metals can be separated from the rubber. Use of a magnetic conveyor is strictly necessary for processing recycling debris in order to be able to supply approved material.

Paul Albers

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