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Chain conveyors

ARCO has a wide range of transport systems to transport pallets and/or boxes. The range can be divided into powered pallet roller conveyors, pallet turntables, gravity pallet roller conveyors and pallet chain conveyors. Pallet chain conveyors are used for the internal transport of (heavy) goods through a chain.

Using chain conveyors help within various improvement in internal production processes such as:

  • The problem-free transport of high weights;
  • Achieving a high accuracy through positioning.

Application of the chain conveyors

Pallet chain conveyors are available in two types, namely in 2 or 3 tracks. The chain conveyors are used for sideway transport of pallets up to 1.500 kg per meter. A 3-track chain conveyor is mainly used if a half or whole pallet need to be transported. Thanks to the modular construction in steel and/or stainless steel, any desired pallet chain conveyor can be created. Each track also offers a wide choice of options, for example: types of drives, stoppers, right-angle transducers and end stops.

Benefit of the chain conveyors

Implementing pallet chain conveyors in your production process offers many advantages, namely:

  • Efficient and simply designed;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Suitable for high moving power;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Can be individually customized.

Optional extras

  • Stainless steel construction;
  • Weight measurement possible.


Our technical advisors are happy to give you appropriate advice on which type of chain conveyor performs fits best in your production process. If a chain conveyor is not the best solution for your company, we will obviously inform you about the alternatives to transport goods internal.  

Paul Albers

Want more information? Please contact Paul Albers on +31 (0)88-006 5300 or by mail at paul@arco-solutions.nl.

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