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Bulk handling

ARCO is specialized in the construction of bulk handling machines, such as those used by sand and gravel processing companies to efficiently transport products in bulk. Some of the sub-specialities that fall under bulk handling include metering technology, sieving technology, and crushers. The engineers at ARCO develop customer-specific solutions, which in many cases are delivered turnkey-ready. The result: lower costs and higher capacity.

The metering process can be fully automated. ARCO installs metering hoppers, metering scraping systems, vibrating metering feeders, and auger conveyors. ARCO is a total supplier of metering solutions.

Metering hoppers

Products like sand and gravel as well as recycled and powdered materials are metered to make them easy to handle and more convenient to transport. The metering process can be fully automated. Hoppers are an important element in the process. ARCO develops metering hoppers for heavy and light applications from start to finish to meet the customer's wishes. An example of such a custom solution is crushers integrated into the hoppers.

Hopper scraping system

A hopper scraping system is a perfect solution for automatic processing of bulk materials. This fully automatic metering solution is mounted on top of a receiving hopper. With every movement, the system scrapes a small amount of material towards the conveyor belt. This way the content of a hopper is pushed out completely automatically.


For metering of granular and powdered material the micro-metering technique is used. Vibrating metering feeders, equipped with a weighing scale, are used to meter granules and powders. For example, various sieving techniques are used to filter wood and stone from manure, sand, and similar substances. The integration of sieving techniques in the production process is essential for production of a finished product with the desired quality.


In the case of installations without sieving, the production process is regularly interrupted by objects such as wood and stone in products like manure and sand. These contaminants wreak havoc with conveyor belts and lifts, causing production to grind to a halt. An appropriate sieving technique is selected based on the substance, the installation, and the material. ARCO utilizes a wide range of different sieving techniques. The specialists at ARCO are happy to help you decide which sieving technique best fits your particular situation and develop and build a solution just for you.

Star sieve

For applications in which large capacity sieving is required in a relatively small surface area, ARCO has developed a special star sieve, made entirely of grade 304 stainless steel. The star sieve consists of two sections, for each of which the speed can be set separately. An additional advantage of the star sieve is that even chunks of manure or sand break loose. For many of our customers this is beneficial during the next step in the process. The stainless steel star sieve is custom-made for each installation and customer specification.


ARCO offers the option of establishing a service level agreement (SLA) through which the customer is completely relieved of responsibility for maintenance of the installation. A maintenance plan and semi-annual inspection by a specialist technician ensure that deficiencies and wear are detected at an early stage. ARCO guarantees an up-time of 96% of the operational hours and is available for troubleshooting and repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a problem cannot be corrected remotely, a technician will be sent to resolve the problem on-site.

Paul Albers

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