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Realize a high storage capacity?

Thursday 16 April 2020

ARCO offers unique, fully automatic storage and dosing systems. Dosing sytems are widely used in industries that handle medium to heavy industrial materials. The separation and dosing process can be fully automated. ARCO installs dosing bunkers, conveyor belts, vibratory dozers and dosing scraping systems. A dosing scraper system is a perfect innovative solution to process loose, dry and free-flowing bulk materials 24/7. For example: powders, soil and grains. In addition, the system is ideal for companies that have a full continuous dosing process where large quantities have to be dosed to, for example for:

  • Drying processes for grains, clay, plaster, wood chips, peat and sludge;
  • Bio Fermentation;
  • Paper pulp;
  • Pellet storage: these are the wooden granules that you use in the stove;
  • Wood chips supply for combustion plants;
  • Storage and transshipment such as grains and comparable products.

The system scrapes a small amount of material towards the conveyor with each movement. A bunker is automatically fully emptied. Furthermore, during dosing only the material is set in motion, so that minimal energy is consumed.

A major advantage of an ARCO dosing scraper system compared to the traditional systems is that the ARCO dosing system can create an almost unlimited storage/buffer capacity that can be perfectly matched to the production capacity.

More benefits

In addition to this major advantage, there are other advantages, namely:

  • Savings on personnel costs. Due to direct truck access to unload;
  • User-friendly system (efficient and simply designed);
  • Homogenous mixture;
  • Minimal energy consumption (max 15 kW for the largest system);
  • The opportunity to place multiple systems in line with each other;
  • Solution for mass storage (high storage capacity);
  • Light, robust construction;
  • Low operating costs;
  • All moving parts are always outside the bulk material. So easy access for maintenance;
  • Capacity up to 100m3 per hour possible;
  • No (extra) wear from dust and/or moisture;
  • High reliability;
  • Fully automatic;
  • No structural modifications required, existing concrete floor is sufficient, no pit required. We can seamlessly integrate the system into your existing building;
  • Tailor-made for every customer.


ARCO specializes in the development and creation of dosing systems. Do you have any questions regarding this product? Please do not hesitate and contact us for more Information: Paul Albers 088-0065300. We are happy to help you.