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ARCO Solutions for Industry, Recycling & Bulk

ARCO is system integrator and develops innovative, high-quality machines and installations. We are specialists in turnkey projects, and the entire installation is tailor made for the customer.


Flat belt conveyors

Plastic is ideal for transporting and processing lighter products in the industry and recycling industry. Choosing a conveyor belt starts with selecting the right material. ARCO’s flat plastic belt conveyors are supplied in three possible materials: PVC, PU and PE.

Chain conveyors

ARCO has a wide range of transport systems to transport pallets and/or boxes. The range can be divided into powered pallet roller conveyors, pallet turntables, gravity pallet roller conveyors and pallet chain conveyors. Pallet chain conveyors are used for the internal transport of (heavy) goods through a chain.

Bulk handling

ARCO is specialized in the construction of bulk handling machines, such as those used by sand and gravel processing companies to efficiently transport products in bulk. Some of the sub-specialities that fall under bulk handling include metering technology, sieving technology, and crushers. The engineers at ARCO develop customer-specific solutions, which in many cases are delivered turnkey-ready. The result: lower costs and higher capacity.

Pallet handling

ARCO is specialized in the internal transport of pallets and crates. Using roller conveyors, turntables, pallet lifts, and pallet destackers it is possible to transport pallets from A to B fully automatically.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts made of rubber provide excellent performance under extreme conditions. Rubber conveyor belts are mainly used on robust installations in industrial settings. The belts are available in many different sizes and profiles, with and without cleats. A large range of profiled conveyor belts is also available.


ARCO specializes in handling complete projects. This includes full oversight and coordination. If desired, projects can be delivered turnkey ready. ARCO employees not only have extensive experience in bulk handling and pallet handling but also in ship loading and discharge.


Business process automation is a combination of reliable mechanical installations and intelligent software. For smooth, trouble-free processing operations it is essential that these two elements work well together. ARCO has mechanical engineers and software engineers specialized in the perfect integration of mechanical and software systems to make the most of each installation.


In most cases robotization is used to make production processes more effective and faster. ARCO is specialized in the application of robots within various production processes.


A shredder reduces bulk goods or recycle industrial waste. ARCO has a range of different shredders, namely: single-shaft shredders, two-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders and post shredding. Shredders can be used in each customer’s situation.  As a worldwide operating company ARCO has advising numerous customers on many continents for many years. ARCO’s shredders have a proven track record in the recycling and bulk industry.

Belt weighers

Clear management information is the basis for profitability. The ARCO belt weighers can help you with this. The belt weighers of ARCO largely find their way in the recycling industry and are used on stationary and mobile installations, such as: sorting, crushing and sieve installations. ARCO supplies and installs customer oriented belt weighing system solutions for every type of conveyor belt. In addition, ARCO places a weighing frame or weighing cells in the belt, so that the product flow is accurately weighed. You can also see exactly how many bulk goods are transported over your conveyor belt.

Container Filling System

ARCO has developed a container filling system which makes container filling easier and faster. The container filling system automatically fills containers with bulk products at the correct weight, with an enormous speed. The container filling system aims to optimize the production process and efficiency. The system can be used for many different products, such as compost, recycled plastic or paper. ARCO offers different versions of the filling system, depending on the production capacity.

Hammer Mill

ARCO’s robust hammer mills are used for shredding soft, hard, tough, brittle or materials such as: wood- and garden waste, cardboard, paper, leaves, hay and grain. The material is processed by fast-rotating hammers. The hammer mills can be fitted into your production environment and are available in stainless steel.

Cutting mills

ARCO has a wide range of cutting mills in other words shredders, namely: single-shaft shredders, two-shaft shredders and four-shaft shredders. The cutting mills can be used for every customer and every situation.

Grinding Mills

A grinding mill is used to cut, grind and/or mix soft raw materials and bulk materials. ARCO has a wide rage of custom-made grinders.


Big-bag unloading station

ARCO’s Big-bag unloading stations are designed for problem free, dust-free unloading of bulk packed bulk goods (big-bags). Think of: fertilizers, parcel feed, concentrates, barley, salt, gravel, granulate, seed, lime and pellets. Ideal for applications in agriculture, food industry but also in the gardener industry.


The specialists of ARCO are aware of the latest techniques. They have developed a simple yet effective solution for us.