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Weighing systems

The weighing of fruits and vegetables is one of the most important links in the entire processing chain. Accurate weighing can result in immediate, significant cost reduction. ARCO engineers have developed various intelligent weighing solutions for a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Some examples of weighing solutions are the ARCO inline weighing machine, the Triple Deck System, and the multi-head weighing machine.

Inline weighing machine

Using the ARCO inline weighing machine, fruits and vegetables can be weighed quickly and efficiently after harvesting. A single operator can weigh up to 100 units per minute. The ARCO weighing machine performs perfectly in the mushroom and soft fruit industry. The machine is suitable for processing any desired recipe, from 50 to 1000 grams. Any desired weight can be set for each individual recipe. The most common weights are 250 and 500 grams. Based on these recipes the Control Weighing Machine processes up to 60 packages per minute, with just one operator! The weighing machine is divided into two or three lanes, each with five independent weighing belts. Underweight, correct weight, and overweight baskets are placed on the weighing belts in random order. Baskets with correct weight are automatically transported to the next station in the packing line. Underweight and overweight baskets are manually corrected by an operator.

LED indicator

On each weighing belt the machine shows how much each basket is under or over the desired weight via a LED indicator. The operator can see at a glance whether a large or a small product needs to be removed from or added to a basket to achieve the desired weight. By weighing products in this way the weight per basket is more consistent and the loss due to overweight lower.

Machine characteristics

• Capacity of up to 100 packages/min.
• Run by a single operator
• Each recipe adjustable between 50 and 1000 grams
• Less human error
• Reduced losses due to overweight
• Packaged fresher due to faster processing
• Lower cost per product


The range of applications for the Control Weighing Machines is extremely broad. The weighing line performs fabulously in the mushroom industry. Moreover, the machine is ideal for weighing soft fruit such as strawberries, grapes, raspberries, and other berries. Contact ARCO to learn which application of the Control Weighing Machine could provide you with a significant boost in capacity. You can also count on us for even higher capacity. The specialists at ARCO are there to help you.

Our systems are also the perfect choice for supplying kegs, carrying away empty kegs, and supplying boxes/crates through the integration of palletizing systems.

Download the brochure ARCO weighing machine

Download the brochure ARCO mini weighing machine

Triple Deck System

The Triple Deck System was developed for packaging fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, grapes, and strawberries, in small packages. The Triple Deck System performs perfectly in the fresh produce industry and helps growers efficiently package their fruits and vegetables. The Triple Deck System can handle a wide variety of packaging, including baskets, flat trays, and boxes. Full crates of freshly harvested products flow automatically to the work tables via a roller conveyor. The units are then weighed manually on the work tables by an operator. The number of operators depends on the product to be processed, the specific packaging size, and the rate of production. After the package is weighed, it is placed on a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is divided into 2, 3, or 4 lanes that can move independently of each other. Then the packages automatically pass through the Triple Deck System to an inliner, after which the product is ready to be covered (sealed or covered with a lid).

PWM Line Control

The Triple Deck System can be equipped with Line Control. This system allows very fast product changes. With Line Control, connected scales are reconfigured for a different recipe simultaneously. Statistics such as weighing results, operator performance, and time and downtime registration are also made available. Line Control makes use of a LED indicator and can result in time savings of up to 25% compared to a basic scale. An additional benefit is reduction of the ‘give away’. Automatic software adjustment ensures that no capacity is lost.

Machine characteristics

• Capacity of more than 100 pieces per minute
• Less movement of operators
• Automatic supply of full harvest crates
• Automatic discharge of empty harvest crates
• Suitable for packaging widths of up to 210 mm
• Requires less floor space
• Packaged fresher through faster processing
• Works efficiently due to four-lane system


The Triple Deck System has a very extensive range of applications. The system performs perfectly in the fresh produce sector for processing various fruits and vegetables. Ask ARCO to explain how the Triple Deck System can help you achieve a significant increase in capacity for your operations, tailored to your specific requirements.

Download the brochure ARCO Triple Deck System

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