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Vitamine D booster

ARCO has designed a machine for the mushroom industry that can add vitamin D to the mushrooms by means of flashes of light. The vitamin D booster is used after the mushrooms have been harvested. The machine can be integrated into the weighing and packaging line. The machine activates a natural process that produces vitamin D by exposing the mushrooms to intense flashes of UV light. The mushroom does not undergo any other changes besides the activation of vitamin D. The machine has a capacity of 120 punnets per minute.

The process of vitamin D production in mushrooms

Mushrooms naturally contain ergosterol, which is converted into vitamin D under the influence of UV light. Most mushrooms are grown indoors, where levels of UV light are very low. The substance ergosterol is therefore not converted into vitamin D indoors. The potential of an extra-healthy mushroom therefore remains unexploited.

Machine specifications

  • Post-harvest exposure to UV light
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for operators (UV light is completely shielded)
  • Continuous and ozone-free UV light
  • Reflector unit with hood
  • Conveyor belt speed can be adjusted
  • PLC control
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Robust construction
  • Stand-alone system Easy to integrate

Extra promotion of nutritional values and health effects

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulates the use of nutritional values and health claims relating to food. The EFSA has confirmed a large number of health claims and nutritional value. This means that the extra vitamin D in the mushrooms can be publicized in advertising. A procedure with various laboratory tests and stability tests allows your company to be accredited within 30 days, and for the mushroom with extra vitamin D to then be sold.

Integration within ARCO weighing and packaging line

The machine can be connected to the ARCO weighing and packaging line for mushrooms. Vitamin D can be generated not only in the fresh mushrooms, but also after processing, for example after being converted into mushroom powder.

Ger van Knippenberg

Want more information? Please contact Ger van Knippenberg on +31 (0)88-006 5300 or by mail at ger@arco-solutions.nl.

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