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Palletizing & Crate handling

ARCO is a specialist in the area of palletizing, crate handling, and trolley handling. ARCO's engineers develop, manufacture, install, and maintain complete systems. The solutions ARCO offers are custom-made and precisely tailored to the corresponding installation, characteristics of the product, and customer requirements.

In the regular crate handling systems, pallet transport is usually also included. The result is a fully automated system. The most common systems are:

  • Palletization/depalletization
  • Roller conveyor / chain conveyors
  • Pallet stacker or destacker
  • Pallet tilt-unit/splitter
  • Pallet lift
  • Turntable
  • Crate erector

ARCO engineers provide solutions specially developed to meet customer specifications.

ARCO is specialized in crate handling. Based on years of experience, ARCO knows exactly what customers need and how ARCO can develop machines that meet the customer's needs, wishes, and requirements. The engineers at ARCO always provide the best solution to fit your specific situation.

ARCO also has an extensive range of solutions for trolley handling. The trolley transport systems are perfect for use in the dairy industry, where trolley handling is mainly used to fill trolleys with milk cartons, bottles, or bags. ARCO also offers a solution for shrink-wrap packs. The high capacity trolley packers are made of stainless steel, are wear resistant, and are of excellent quality.

Ger van Knippenberg

Want more information? Please contact Ger van Knippenberg on +31 (0)88-006 5300 or by mail at ger@arco-solutions.nl.

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