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Vegetable processing

ARCO has over 20 years’ experience in the design and construction of machinery for the processing of vegetables. Depending on your product and need, ARCO designs and manufactures machines and complete production lines that ensure your fresh product is processed in such a way as to keep it as fresh as possible. It is of great importance to you that the product is not damaged, the temperature during the process remains constant, waste streams are minimized, and machines are designed for quick and easy cleaning. ARCO produces machines and complete lines for sorting, washing, cutting, drying, centrifugation, cooling, and mixing of your food products, such as leafy vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, frozen vegetables, and perishables.

Are you looking to save time and reduce costs to become more competitive? Then team up with ARCO to make it happen. Systems in the Agri & Food sector must meet specific requirements, such as the HACCP and EHEDG guidelines. ARCO's engineers are more than familiar with these standards. Installations are designed to be quick and easy to clean well. Moreover, a high standard is maintained in order to guarantee top quality, hygiene, and efficiency. After all, products must be kept fresh and undamaged during processing and transport, with a constant temperature maintained throughout the entire process. ARCO designs and constructs a widely range of machinery for harvesting, processing, packaging, and warehousing food and non-food products. Production capacity is maximized, and the waste streams are minimized and automated.

Available products and solutions include:

  • Preprocessing tables
  • Cutting machines
  • Washers
  • Centrifuges
  • Ventimat drying belts
  • Drying tunnels
  • Cooling conveyors
  • Conveyors
  • Platforms
  • Metal detectors
  • Check weighers
  • Turntables
  • Print & Apply units
  • Supply and discharge belts for empty and full kegs
Ger van Knippenberg

Want more information? Please contact Ger van Knippenberg on +31 (0)88-006 5300 or by mail at ger@arco-solutions.nl.

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