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Greenwood Mushroom Farm

Greenwood Mushroom Farm is one of the largest fresh mushroom producers in Ontario, as well as one of the most progressive mushroom companies in North America. ARCO is responsible for the development, engineering, and assembly of the entire mushroom process line, an integral part in Greenwood’s new production facility. ARCO’s weighing line will save Greenwood Mushroom Farm 4 to 6 per cent on product loss by identifying any excess weight. The ARCO weighing line precisely meters the weight per punnet -- assuming an annual output of 4 million kilograms, this will save up to (5%) 200,000 kilograms of mushrooms. In addition, efficiency and production capacity are also improved. A single operator can deliver up to 100 punnets per minute at the desired weight.

Installation according to international guidelines

ARCO has recently started the production of the weighing line at GMF. It will be built according to the Canadian and North American CSA guidelines and regulations. It will be operational in the spring of 2017.

Improvements at Greenwood Mushroom Farm

  • Saving from 4% to 6% on production loss
  • Lower cost per product
  • Capacity of one operator increases to 100 bins per minute
  • According to Canadian and North American GMF / CSA regulations
Ger van Knippenberg

Want more information? Please contact Ger van Knippenberg on +31 (0)88-006 5300 or by mail at ger@arco-solutions.nl.

ARCO built the complete mushroom weighing line, an integral part of Greenwood's new production facility.

Greenwood Mushroom Farm