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About us

With over twenty years of experience in the Agri & Food business, ARCO is more than familiar with the specific requirements placed on systems. All our products meet the quality requirements of industry standards such as HACCP and EHEDG. ARCO employs high standards for top quality, hygiene, and efficiency. After all, your product must be kept fresh and undamaged during processing and transport, with a constant temperature maintained throughout the entire process. Moreover, it is important that the conveyor belts, machinery, and constructions can be cleaned easily, quickly and thoroughly, by your own personnel. ARCO designs and constructs widely ranging turnkey solutions for harvesting, processing, packaging, and warehousing food and non-food products, with automated waste streams.



ARCO is a specialist in turnkey solutions that boost productivity and cost-efficiency. We are able to deliver high-quality, customer-specific solutions. Continuity, flexibility, and productivity are factors that are improved by ARCO solutions. Installations are made more reliable, more efficient, and more effective. When our customers face a challenge, we seek collaboration and work to achieve reliable, cost-efficient solutions.

ARCO is active in various sectors, such as Agri & Food, Supply Chain & Internal Logistics, and Industry, Recycling & Bulk. We offer the smaller, standard solutions yet also handle large turnkey projects that are entirely custom-made to meet the customer's needs.

ACB Group

ACB Group

ARCO began in 1994 under the name ACB Solutions. In 2016, the company was split into ACB Transportbanden & Onderdelen and ARCO. The name ARCO is derived from the names Albert Vermeulen and Ralph Wijnands, both owners. ARCO stands for Albert Ralph COnstructions. The company is located in Horst and has ±90 employees.

ARCO is a subsidiary of ACB Group, also located in Horst. ACB Group consists of two companies: ACB Transportbanden en onderdelen and ARCO. By utilizing the strengths of multiple companies, the ACB Group is capable to producing better total solutions. ACB Group has been a reliable partner in the conveyor industry for over 20 years.


ARCO's mission is to achieve cost savings for our customers by optimizing business processes. The optimization of business processes strengthens the customer's position relative to the competition. By first extensively analysing processes in close cooperation with the customer we are able to determine the customer's exact requirements. Systems that are fully adapted to the customer's requirements in combination with the latest automation solutions result in fast, reliable, and efficient automated solutions.


We construct fast, efficient conveyor systems from anodized aluminium profiles. In addition, we design, build, install, and maintain process components such as packaging systems, control systems, scan units, and print & apply units. On the basis of criteria such as the desired speed, product characteristics, and the choice of electric or pneumatic operation, we provide you with advantages through our constructions; namely, a significant increase in the capacity and speed of your processes.

Our core values describe the DNA of the organization and its employees. The core values of ARCO remain in all facets of the organization.

  • Innovative

    We develop innovative solutions for our customers. Our installations are equipped with the best available techniques.

  • Customer focussed

    We advise objectively on the best suitable solution in a particular situation with the right price / quality ratio. Our systems are specially designed to meet customer needs.

  • Reliable

    We are a no-nonsense organization. You can rely on that we keep our promises.

  • Service

    All equipment will be supplied with 24/7 service. We are quickly on sight, we search for solutions and we are flexible and customer friendly.

  • Competent

    All our employees are ambitious and motivated. We have extensive knowledge and experience and offer employees the opportunity to continuously retrain and develop.

  • Professional

    We pursue professionalism and perfection. Our approach is professional and structured.

Ger van Knippenberg

Want more information? Please contact Ger van Knippenberg on +31 (0)88-006 5300 or by mail at ger@arco-solutions.nl.