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ARCO Solutions for Agri & Food

ARCO develops innovative, high-quality machines and installations. We are specialists in turnkey projects, and the entire installation is tailor made for the customer.


Weighing systems

The weighing of fruits and vegetables is one of the most important links in the entire processing chain. Accurate weighing can result in immediate, significant cost reduction. ARCO engineers have developed various intelligent weighing solutions for a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Some examples of weighing solutions are the ARCO inline weighing machine, the Triple Deck System, and the multi-head weighing machine.

Packing systems

ARCO is specialized in the design and construction of machinery and complete production lines for packaging your product. The shelf life of your product, required capacity, and efficiency in the process play an important role in the design. ARCO builds machines for linear and multi-head weighing, metering, and vacuum packaging of products. In addition, ARCO offers possibilities such as metal detecting, check weighing, and labelling of your fruit, mushrooms, potatoes, or sweets. With the addition of box erectors and box closers your product is packed in boxes fully automatically.

Palletizing & Crate handling

ARCO is a specialist in the area of palletizing, crate handling, and trolley handling. ARCO's engineers develop, manufacture, install, and maintain complete systems. The solutions ARCO offers are custom-made and precisely tailored to the corresponding installation, characteristics of the product, and customer requirements.

Vegetable processing

ARCO has over 20 years’ experience in the design and construction of machinery for the processing of vegetables. Depending on your product and need, ARCO designs and manufactures machines and complete production lines that ensure your fresh product is processed in such a way as to keep it as fresh as possible. It is of great importance to you that the product is not damaged, the temperature during the process remains constant, waste streams are minimized, and machines are designed for quick and easy cleaning. ARCO produces machines and complete lines for sorting, washing, cutting, drying, centrifugation, cooling, and mixing of your food products, such as leafy vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, frozen vegetables, and perishables.


Business process automation is a combination of reliable mechanical installations and intelligent software. For smooth, trouble-free processing operations it is essential that these two elements work well together. ARCO has mechanical engineers and software engineers specialized in the perfect integration of mechanical and software systems to make the most of each installation.

Mushroom weighing machine

'How do I pack my mushrooms quickly and efficiently, while keeping give-away weight to a minimum?’ Specifically for these companies, ARCO developed a new self-regulating Mushroom weighing line with a smart Light to Perform function that allows producers to save as much as 4 to 6 per cent on product loss due to excess weight in the package.

Vitamine D booster

Exclusivity was granted by Luxidum to ARCO for the sale of Vitamin D-Booster for mushroom punnets. Luxidum is worldwide the first machine manufacturer and consultant company 100% dedicated to Vitamin D Mushrooms. The Vitamin D-Booster can add vitamin D to the mushrooms by means of UV light and is used after the mushrooms have been harvested. The machine can be integrated into the weighing and packaging line. The machine activates a natural process that produces vitamin D by exposing the mushrooms to intense UV light. The mushroom does not undergo any other changes besides the synthesis of vitamin D. The machine has a capacity of 120 punnets per minute.


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Meadows Mushrooms