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ARCO automates recycling process for Coolrec

Dienstag 10 Januar 2017

Increased efficiency in recycling of electrical appliances

To increase efficiency in the recycling process of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) ARCO developed a completely new installation for the Coolrec plant in Dordrecht in cooperation with the customer. The installation consists of a receiving hopper, conveyor of 15 meters, sorting cabin with 10 workstations and various small conveyors.


Prior to the project, a project team was build consisting of a representative from the customer, an ARCO project manager and an ARCO engineer. The project has as main objective to develop the best possible solution, which perfectly matches the customers' requirements. A (simplified) example of which process steps the project team goes through is as follows:

1. Project clarification (in which the customers' requirements are examined)
2. Engineering phase
3. Feasibility study
4. Assembly phase
5. Operational testing phase
6. Training and implementation phase

Functionality new solution

The collaboration within the project team has been successful and a new process is developed. The new process can be divided into several phases. Phase 1 of the process starts with the receiving hopper wherein Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) will be deposited with a loader. The bulk hopper ensures that the products flow in an equal amount on the conveyor.

In phase 2, the conveyor belt transports goods between the hopper and the sorting cabin, which is 6 meters above ground level. In order to minimize influences of the weather, both the bulk hopper and the conveyor belt provided with covering.

Phase 3 starts in the sorting cabin where WEEE be manually disassembled and durable materials are separated from each other. The sorting cabin is at 6 meters above containers in which sustainable materials such as wood, copper and iron are deposited from the sorting cabin. In this way, an operator can separate durable materials quick and in an efficient manner. The recycled materials are transported by container. Residual waste is discharged from the sorting cabin by means of a conveyor belt.


In addition to the covering of the hopper and the conveyor, the sorting cabin is also equipped with comfortable facilities such as air conditioning and heating, insulation, lighting, extraction, various windows and doors.

About Coolrec

This installation was realized at a plant of Coolrec in Dordrecht. Coolrec is a leader in the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment into high-quality recovered plastics, metals and other secondary raw material. The company is also a supplier of high-quality recycled raw materials. Coolrec has a total of eight locations in four different countries. The company is part of Van Gansewinkel.

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