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One of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands has chosen for one of the many possibilities of ARCO Solutions. In order to fill the main silos with recycled wood, ARCO mounted two tailor made conveyors.

The plant Eneco Bio Golden Raand located in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, produces clean energy from recycled wood. With this plant only, Eneco provides around 120,000 households from electricity. In order to generate all the energy, annually approximately 300,000 tons of recycled wood is delivered to the factory by ship, train and truck. The handling of wooden chips is fully automated by means of conveyor belts.

New conveyors

In the previous situation, an existing chain conveyor did not reach the desired capacity. In the new situation, ARCO engineers developed a system whereby two conveyors transport the wood into the main silos. A special side seal prevents wooden chips from dropping outside the conveyors. In this new situation, maintenance costs and cleaning costs are reduced, while the capacity is larger.

Improvements at Eneco

  • Increased capacity to provide 120,000 households with bioenergy
  • Reduced watage by use of side sealing
  • Reduced maintenance costs and cleaning costs
  • Wood chips remain dry (no weather effects)
Paul Albers

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Capacity increased to provide 120,000 households with bio energy